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5 Bridal Lehengas that we’re loving!
Our Favourite Bridal Lehengas After shooting and being a part of so many fantastic and fun weddings, we can’t help but notice the beautiful and elaborate Bridal Lehengas worn by our brides. We are always fascinated by their stories about finding “the one” — all the thought, planning and research that goes into finding their perfect bridal Read more ..
Wedding Photography Bootcamp 2016 Recap
The Arjun Kartha Wedding Photography Bootcamp 2016 Recap #makeitstrong We were so overwhelmed by the amazing response and enthusiasm shown by all photographers during the last two seasons of our Wedding Photography Workshops, we just knew that we had to host a third one – but this time, we wanted to make it bigger and better! And sure Read more ..
Basics of Photography session with IBM
Photography Session with IBM Talking about photography – especially to photography enthusiasts is always fun! In case you didn’t know, before opening up a photography studio and starting my photography business – I used to work in the marketing department of the famous IT biggie – IBM. When IBM got in touch with me recently to Read more ..
Canada to India – A Mumbai Wedding Photography Story: Juhi + Akshay
A Mumbai Wedding Photography Story As Wedding Photographers, we think that wedding photography is truly a delightful thing – every single time we shoot a wedding, we find a new story. It keeps us motivated, fascinated and raring to meet the next couple and hear their story. And, of course, be a part of documenting and Read more ..
Wedding Photography Bootcamp 2016: New Delhi
Indian Wedding Photography Bootcamp 2016 I am proud to announce the third annual Indian Wedding Photography bootcamp 2016! This one-of-a-kind workshop is now going to be bigger and better – and is going to be the BIGGEST wedding photography workshop in India – ever! We’re going to put our heart and soul into telling (and Read more ..
Sennheiser AVX: Review
A review of the Sennheiser AVX Systems A natural evolution for wedding photography has always been wedding cinematography. In India, for many years – wedding cinematography was restricted to a continuous roll from static block cameras – which were subsequently edited to include horrendous location audio captured through the on-camera mic, or equally horrendous overlays Read more ..
Destination Wedding Photography Story: Taruna + Anool, Hua Hin, Thailand
A Destination Wedding Photography story Hong Kong based investment banker ties the knot with Dubai based advertiser in a destination wedding in Hua Hin Thailand – a true global-desi wedding, if ever there was one! The bride tells us how it all came together, in her own words. How we met Anool is a Hong Read more ..
Adobe Lightroom Presets Tutorial
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a couple of posts about how Adobe Lightroom has become the default weapon of choice for wedding photographers worldwide for quickly and efficiently sorting and editing thousands of photos from a wedding. I’ve been meaning to write a couple of follow-up posts on the Develop Module, and how Read more ..
5 Reasons to Buy An Instant Camera Now
Ah, photography. It’s a love affair that lasts a lifetime. With my iPhone in my pocket I literally have a modern camera accessibly 24×7. I take photos of everything – indiscriminately, because I know that the potential for storage is limitless, thanks to over-the-air sync. What this has resulted in is a virtual warehouse of Read more ..
How to design a wedding album in 5 simple steps
Looking back at a memory reminds us how much one has changed as a person; this evolution is a part of life. Similarly, the way we preserve our memories has also changed. Remember, our parents wedding album? How it was all about the stage pictures and other “posed” photos — and how the album was Read more ..
A New Delhi Wedding Photography Story: Kanchan+Piyush, Taj Vivanta, Gurgaon
As Wedding Photographers based in Delhi, it’s always fun to shoot a wedding right in our backyard! Kanchan and Piyush got married earlier this year in a grand, three day wedding at Taj Vivanta. Kanchan and Piyush first met at work in Auckland, where they both lived. In fact, for both of them, it was Read more ..
Tips and Tricks: Lightroom Tutorial for Photographers Part 2
Lightroom is a brilliant tool for photographers, and helps us easily and quickly get our photos from the camera and out of the door to our clients. As an Indian Wedding Photographer, I use Lightroom for almost all my post production now. This post is in continuation to my previous post, Lightroom for Wedding Photographers. Read more ..
Pune Wedding Photography Story: Shampa + Matthias
An India-meets-Germany Wedding Photography Story in Pune, Bengali style As wedding photographers, it’s always great fun to travel – and Pune is always one of our favourite places to be in! Shampa & Matthias had a lovely 3 day wedding in Pune a few months ago. It was truly a multi-cultural wedding with a lot Read more ..
What’s in our Bag | Best Cameras and Lenses for Indian Wedding Photography
As a Professional Indian Wedding Photographer, the question I get MOST often is…”So, what camera do you use?”. I’m not even going to begin with the entire “it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer” spiel, but I’m more than happy to share what my standard kit looks like when I’m headed out to photograph a Read more ..
Delhi Wedding Photography Story: Karishma + Aditya
A New Delhi Wedding Photography Story Picking up from Karishma & Aditya’s Engagement in Delhi, last year, we were so excited to be a part of their wedding this year. Despite being an “arranged” match, they hit it off instantly. To think, Aditya almost didn’t agree to meet Karishma the very first time because he was Read more ..
Photography Tutorial: Should I shoot RAW or JPEG?
Should I shoot in RAW or JPEG?  If you’re starting out with digital photography, and are the proud owner of a new DSLR – chances are that you’ve been advised by well wishers that shooting in RAW is the way to go! This is generally sound advice – but at the end of the day, Read more ..
Delhi Wedding Photography Story: Gulveen + Angad
A Gurudwara Wedding in the heart of New Delhi – A Delhi Wedding Photography Story Gulveen & Angad have been friends for almost their entire lives. Who would have thought that an innocent childhood friendship would turn into something deeper and mature? We loved being a part of their beautiful wedding – they are officially one Read more ..
Wedding Photography Post Production with Lightroom – 1
One of the questions I get very often (apart from “Which camera should I buy?“) is always tips on post production. This is usually a very difficult question to answer, and is just a little bit delicate – lest I propagate the “photoshop is magic” myth. I’ve known my style to evolve over the years, Read more ..
Dresden Dreamin’: Top Offbeat Things to do in Dresden
Off-beat things to do in Dresden – A Travel Photography Story Dresden, Germany is capital of the state of Saxony, and is situated along the banks of the river Elbe, on the eastern side of Germany close to Poland and the Czech Republic. I wanted to call this post “The Top 5 things to do Read more ..
London to Delhi Wedding Photography Story: Sarika + Avin, New Delhi
A (Lutyens) New Delhi Wedding Photography Story Sarika and Avin were married recently, in a lovely, east-meets-west wedding in the heart of New Delhi. They both live in London and have spent most of their adult lives in UK. They first met at a party a few years ago, started to whatsapp each other until they hit Read more ..
Doggy #Instawalk at Lodhi Garden
Doggy’s Day Out with Little Black Book Delhi and Arjun Kartha Photography – Delhi’s first #instawalk If you think that babies are the only ones that deserve a day out, then you have another think coming. Partnering with Little Black Book Delhi, we led Delhi’s very first #instawalk for folks and their four-legged friends.  A curated Read more ..
Photos an Indian Bride Can’t Miss in Her Wedding Album
  An Indian wedding is a grand and dhamakedaar occasion! Forget of the band baaja baaraat, your friends and relatives are enough to create power packed hungama and noise which can bring even the DJ floor to shame! In a good way of course! There are so many customs and celebrations which alone take a Read more ..
The PIC 2015 Big Ticket Giveaway!
  I’m happy to announce that I’m going to be giving away a bunch of tickets to the Photography India Conclave 2015 – exclusively via the blog and Facebook!  About PIC 2015 Cribbed long enough to have a photographers retreat? Well not anymore! “Photography India Conclave (P.I.C.) 2015” – is India’s first ever conference and Read more ..
Recap: APEX – Arjun Kartha Wedding Photography Workshop, Oct 2014 New Delhi
Recap: The APEX – Arjun Kartha Wedding Photography Workshop, New Delhi Oct 2014. Phew! It’s been a week since the workshop, and we’re back in the office after had an amazing time! Here’s a quick post with lots of behind-the-scenes fun moments with the batch, as well as a selection of some of the images Read more ..
Dealing with Malware: Recovering from a blacklisted website
“Help, my WordPress based photography site was infected with malware!” “Help, my WordPress based photography site has been blacklisted by Google!” “Help, my WordPress based photography site has been hacked by someone and won’t work!” If any of the these statements apply to you, then this is a post for you. Preface My wedding photography website (this Read more ..
The APEX – Arjun Kartha Photography Wedding Photography Workshop
Indian Wedding Photography Workshop Wedding Photography in India has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years and as an industry has transformed from being predominantly traditional posed photography to highly creative contemporary candid styles of wedding photography. Good wedding photographers are in high demand nowadays, with couples wanting to invest in high Read more ..
Delhi Engagement Photography Story: Karishma + Aditya, Taj Mahal Hotel, India
A New Delhi Engagement Photography Story Karishma and Aditya got engaged a few weeks ago in New Delhi, at the lovely Taj Mahal Hotel. When Karishma and her mother came to meet us for the very first time, we joked around with her about how she is too young to be talking about marriage – literally. She’s Read more ..
A Kolkata Wedding Photography Story: Astha + Akhil, Taj Bengal
A Kolkata Wedding Photography Story: Astha + Akhil at the Taj Bengal, Kolkata  Astha and Akhil wed earlier this year in Kolkata, amidst much pomp and fanfare. A grand Marwari wedding, the main functions took place in Taj Bengal and The Hyatt, with the poojas and other smaller functions being held in Akhil’s lovely home Read more ..
Bridal wear: Colours that work great with Wedding Photos!
Mehak, over at Wed Me Good got in touch with me with a bunch of questions to help her readers be better informed when shopping for bridal outfits; particularly which colours we felt worked, and what are no-nos. Of course, Praerna and I were only too happy to help! As wedding photographers, we have a keen eye Read more ..
Indian Wedding Photography…costs HOW MUCH?
A lot of people assume wedding photography in India will be a bargain. If you’re one of them, this post is for you! Fret not though, there are deals to be had…but first!  Disclaimer: This isn’t a post that justifies WHY wedding photography is expensive in the first place. There are plenty of posts online Read more ..
How to shoot in low light: Night photography tutorial
Night and Low Light Photography  When you’re out shooting on a bright sunny day with ample light on the subject, it’s all heaven. But when the light turns–trouble starts to play! Learning to shoot in low light and night time can help you as a photographer, and help you push the boundaries of your creativity; Read more ..
Oz to India – A Wedding Photography Story in Delhi: Nikita + Sameer
Wedding photography is a curious thing – we truly believe that some marriages are created in heaven…even if they are arranged here on Earth! Nikita and Sameer wed a few weeks ago in the NCR and we had such a wonderful time shooting their wedding. Even though we do this for a living, it is always an incredible Read more ..
6 ways to look GREAT in your Wedding Photographs
As wedding photographers, the question we get asked most of all is by brides, wanting to know if there are any simple steps they can take that can help them look gorgeous on their photographs. Being such an important aspect of their day, we thought we would share some tips to help all the brides Read more ..
5 ways to deal with negative feedback as a photographer
Negative feedback. It happens; No matter how good a photographer you are, it’s bound to happen at some point or the other. It could happen in the most innocuous of ways, like a random follower posting criticism on something you’ve just uploaded on your Facebook page – or in the most serious of ways – Read more ..
Why become a wedding photographer?
This morning, Sunday the 4th of May, the ever factual and in-depth Economic Times ran an article on Wedding Photography in India. The reporter had called me a week or so ago to record a few facts, and we had an interesting fifteen minute conversation where I told him all I knew about the industry Read more ..
Fasnet in Villingen-Schwenningen | A travel photography story
Fasnet in Villingen-Schwenningen (Note, this is a post about Fasnet in Villingen Schwenningen only. I went from town to town in the Black Forest area in Germany to experience Fasnet first hand – if you’ve landed on this article, you should start HERE.  Villengen and Shwenningen are two towns that compliment each other. Formerly part of Baden, Villingen is Read more ..
Fasnet in Elzach | A travel photography story
 Fasnet in Elzach (Note, this is a post about Fasnet in Elzach only. I went from town to town in the Black Forest area in Germany to experience Fasnet first hand – if you’ve landed on this article, you should start HERE). Elzach is a lovely little town in  the district of Emmendingen, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. As with all the places Read more ..
Fasnet in Sigmaringen | A travel photography story
Fasnet in Sigmarengen  (Note, this is a post about Fasnet in Sigmarengen only. I went from town to town in the Black Forest area in Germany to experience Fasnet first hand – if you’ve landed on this article, you should start HERE).  Sigmaringen is a lovely town (with an awesome castle – more on this in a bit) Read more ..
Fasnet in Rottweil | A travel photography story
Fasnet in Rottweil (Note, this is a post about Fasnet in Rottweil only. I went from town to town in the Black Forest area in Germany to experience Fasnet first hand – if you’ve landed on this article, you should start HERE).  Rottweil is a largish town near the Black Forest, and is probably most famous for Read more ..
Fasnet Fun – Exploring Germany one village a time!
In the towns and villages of Southern Germany, and particularly the Black Forest, the end of winter and the coming of springs heralds a very interesting and peculiar festival unique to the part of Europe. “Fasnet” (or Fasnacht) is typically celebrated before Lent, and involves the entire town (and neighboring towns) coming together in elaborate Read more ..
Fasnet in Schramberg | A Travel Photography Story
Fasnet in Schramberg (Note, this is a post about Fasnet in Schramberg only. I went from town to town in the Black Forest area in Germany to experience Fasnet first hand – if you’ve landed on this article, you should start HERE).  Schramberg is a lovely little town in the Black Forest area, around 25km Read more ..
Bangalore Wedding Photography Story: Reena + Anik at Golden Palms, Bangalore
A Bangalore Wedding Photography Story Reena & Anik had a lovely Destination Wedding at Golden Palms Resort & Spa in Bangalore a few weeks ago. The only word that we could think of to describe it is “multi-cultural”. It’s sounds cliched, we know. But consider this. Reena is Tamil. Lives in Canada. Majority of her Read more ..
Arranged.Love.Arranged: Abhinav+Arti Indian Wedding Photography Story in New Delhi, India
Arranged.Love.Arranged. We’re sure that you are wondering about the unusual description, because a wedding can either be arranged or love, right? Wrong! In Abhinav and Arti’s case, it was exactly as we have named it. To top it all, it is also a cross continent love story, with many phone calls, video calls and flights Read more ..
Destination Wedding Story: Meha + Utsav in Samode, Rajasthan
Destination weddings are such a delight and, more so, Rajasthan in the winter is a treat to shoot in. Meha and Utsav were married towards the end of 2013 amidst an intimate group of family and friends at Samode Palace and Samode Bagh in Rajasthan, about 40 minutes before Jaipur. The events were beautifully planned, Read more ..
Finding a Destination Wedding Photographer in India
You’re getting married. You’re looking for a Destination Wedding Photographer in Goa. Or Udaipur. Or Jaipur. Or Bali. Or in Malaysia.Read on! You’ve scoured the internet, you’ve checked Facebook, you’ve asked around…you’ve all set to plan that PERFECT wedding. Here are five simple things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect Destination Wedding Read more ..
5 Tips for Indian Wedding Photographers: How to ace a couple shoot!
Those of you who follow my posts know that I’m constantly fascinated by how Indian Wedding Photography has really come of age. One of my favourite people to have long animated conversations about the photography business in India is the owner of my small hole-in-the-wall camera shop. That particular gentleman has been in the photography Read more ..
Maximise your investment in Indian Wedding Photography
How to maximise your investment in Indian Wedding Photography You’re getting married. You know that apart from having a beautiful wedding, you need lovely memories to help you remember your special day for the rest of your life. You recognise that you need to invest in quality wedding photography – and you’ve searched high and Read more ..
How to find a Candid Wedding Photographer in New Delhi
Finding a Candid Wedding Photographer in New Delhi. Or Mumbai. Or Bangalore. It’s not easy. I know! Soon-to-be-married-couples today have woken up to the fact that finalising the photographer is as important and urgent as setting the date. Traditionally, photographers were just another “arrangement” and a cursory overview allowed the parents to make an uncomplicated Read more ..
Touch Screen Devices: The next “big thing” for professional photographers?
As a professional photographer, I’m used to having to use my hands a lot. Changing lenses, moving from one DSLR body to the other, swapping memory cards and sometimes executing a perfect catch when that expensive lens slips from your grasp(!). It’s interesting how technology has evolved where the act of using your hands for Read more ..
Bangalore Wedding Photography Story: Bharati + Rishi, Sheraton Bangalore @ Brigade Gateway
A Bangalore Wedding Photography Story Bharati & Rishi were wed in Bangalore last month at a wonderfully elaborate wedding at the Sheraton in Bangalore. Since the families were Marwari, the rituals and ceremonies were slightly higher in number and a little more elaborate than usual — a lot of it was back-toback and simultaneous, but Read more ..
Madurai Wedding Photography Story: Thiru + Radhika
Radhika and Thiru were married a few months ago in Madurai (and this post is long overdue). When Radhika first got in touch, she mentioned that they had first met at the famous Meenakshi temple in Madurai. So we decided that we just HAD to shoot at the temple — combining their first meet story Read more ..
Haridwar Wedding Photography Story — Namrata + Kunal and their beautiful Indian wedding
When we first got the inquiry for Namrata & Kunal’s wedding in Haridwar, we were a little apprehensive. Well maybe apprehensive is a strong word. More like, we didn’t know what was in store at the wedding. It’s such a famous pilgrimage spot that it’s hard for us to picture it as anything but a Read more ..
Delhi Wedding Photography – Yash + Pallavi’s Band Baaja Baarat wedding :-)
A Delhi Wedding Photography Story Pallavi & Yash first met in college and discovered that they had more in common than they thought! A few years of spending time together – on and off campus – slowly but surely led them closer towards a lifetime of togetherness. Their wedding was a beautiful winter affair, full Read more ..
Best Lenses for Wedding Photography
As a professional Indian Wedding Photographer, I often get asked about what kind of equipment I use, so here’s a post dedicated to the very best lenses for wedding photography. I’m quite amazed at how intensely popular wedding photography has become over the last few years, especially here in India. There are literally scores of Read more ..
Which camera do I buy: the amateur camera buying guide
As a photographer, the single most common question I get is “So, which camera do i buy“. Or: “I really love your photography – which camera do you use?”. Or, “Is Nikon better than Canon?”. I’ve been asked this question so many times, and by so many people — the idea of writing a post Read more ..
Chandigarh Wedding Photography Story — Sonam + Vineet @ JW Mariott Chandigarh
A Chandigarh Wedding Photography Story   Sonam & Vineet are one of the rare cases of arranged-turned-love marriages. I’m sure that eventually most of the arranged marriages end up with a happy story, but these two seemed so deeply in love in a short span of time, I was positive that this was a rare Read more ..
Jaipur Wedding Photography – Priya + Mayank Destination Wedding Story @ Le Meriden, Jaipur
  A Jaipur Wedding Photography Story A classic story of best-friends falling in love, Priya and Mayank didn’t discover their true feelings for a very long time. But when they did, there was no looking back. Mayank sealed the deal by gifting her the greatest love of her life, Priya’s beloved Golden Retriever puppy – Read more ..
New York Wedding Photography Story – Adrienne + Vinay’s Boda Shaadi!
An Indian Wedding Photography Story in New York   Adrienne and Vinay first bonded over food. Yes, food. Apparently the stomach is the quickest route to the heart! They are both fantastic cooks and are always obsessing over new finds – restaurants, bars, cafes and ingredients, the farmers market and so much more. When they Read more ..
Bangalore Wedding Photography Story: Savio + Rinchen
 A Bangalore Wedding Photography Story   Have you ever come across a gorgeous cabin attendant on a very boring flight and wondered what would happen if you asked her out? Have you always thought that it’s an impossible notion and feared being arrested on landing for harassing the crew? Or have you tried it, been Read more ..
Anubha + Saahil Wedding, Sonepat, India
Anubha & Saahil wed last year, in Saahil’s hometown Sonepat. They first met 4 years earlier, at work. Whoever said that office romances don’t have happy endings clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. When they finally decided to wed after an exciting courtship, painting all of Delhi red, it didn’t come as a Read more ..
Kerala Wedding Photography Story — Sonam + Vivek Wedding in Kochi
Kerala Wedding Photography Story – Sonam and Vivek’s Christian Wedding in Kochi   Sonam and Vivek tied the knot in a lovely, and very traditional, Syrian Christian ceremony in Kochi. The much feared July monsoon held out for their perfect day. To add to the beautiful Church and ceremony, the couple took a keen interest Read more ..
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Welcome to the very first post on our blog! We are very excited about this new section. Mostly, because it will give us a chance to have conversations with you. Here, we will share the latest assignments, wedding stories, photography experiments and non-commercial work. Watch this space for the latest updates and stay in touch!