6 of the Most Fun Pre-Wedding Couple Shoots

I know we’ve spoken and written about how much we love weddings and wedding photography. All the colour, the emotion, the moments and the joy – it’s all out there, just waiting to be captured for posterity. And we enjoy every second of it, despite the unpredictability and lack of control over the environment.

The only aspect that we probably enjoy more than the actual wedding is the pre-wedding shoot. They’re wonderful for so many reasons – it gives us a chance to spend some extra time with our couples, getting to know them better and allowing them to become more comfortable with us and the camera. An ice breaker, of sorts. We can take photos in an environment that is a little more controlled than an actual wedding. We get to try out fun and new concepts – push ourselves to do something a little differently than our existing photos.

Here are some of our favourite pre-wedding shoots in recent times. We hope you like these photos as much as we do.


Gulveen and Angad were one of the most enthusiastic couples that we have ever shot. We spent ages with them discussing the kind of shots and look they wanted. Outfits, concepts, props – the works. This was the star shot of the session and remains one of our favourites till date.


Vedika and Raghav were another couple who dedicated a lot of time towards their couple shoot. We took ourselves off to Jaipur for the weekend to get some photographs at The Fairmont. Even though we had planned many different sessions, at different parts of the property, with different outfits and looks, even we were taken aback by how everything came together in this shot. The light, the colours, the moment. It’s anther one of our favourites.


For Priyanka and Arun, we did a post-wedding shoot instead of a pre. The day after their wedding in Chennai, we took ourselves off to Mahabalipuram with the couple and all their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Having spent a few hours walking along the beach and taking some of our stock favourite poses,we came across this Volleyball net – just our luck that the couple were game and didn’t mind messing up their outfits for the shot. In fact, after this shot, we even talked the whole bridal party to jump into the pool and trash their dresses!


Juhi & Akshay had a lovely wedding in Bombay earlier this year. Neither of them live in Bombay and so they wanted an iconic landmark in the backdrop. And what better landmark than the Gateway. We reached early in the morning and had a ball taking shots at the location, specially all those with the pigeons. We actually got shooed off by all the folks who come in early morning to feed the pigeons! What with all our running and clapping, the pigeons just wouldn’t stay still for more than a minute!


Adrienne & Vinay were one of our earlier international weddings, but still one of our favourites – this was in Brooklyn in a converted industrial barn near the Gowanus Canal. It was such a pretty, eccentric neighbourhood that we chose the same area for their couple shoot. We found abandoned old-fashioned ice-cream trucks, colourful walls and this bridge over the canal. As soon as we saw it, we couldn’t resist this shot. As always, the happy couple was willing to go along with our mad-hatter schemes!


I know that this isn’t strictly a pre-wedding couple shoot, but it is one of our favourites. Simran and Ankush were married in a Gurudwara outside of their wedding resort. While heading back from the Anand Karaj (Sikh wedding) towards the resort for the wedding lunch, we spotted these empty fields on the way and just had to ask them to pause their vintage car ride to come get a few pictures with us. We began with some classic DDLJ-esque photos in the field, but couldn’t resist adding an element of fun to the shoot with these jump shots!

These are some of our favourites and we hope you like them as much as we do.

Getting married and want to us to take your pre-wedding couple portraits? Leave us a message here and we’ll work out a great package for you!

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