A Jaipur Destination Wedding Story | Abhiney+Ruchika

A beautiful Jaipur destination wedding of the duo that set couple goals for us

The couple that loves each other and laughs together even when they’re 90 – that is how Abhiney envisions his life with Ruchika. He knew with certainty that years later people would talk about them as the “real couple that lasted”.

The lively duo met in medical school and for the next five years, life kept throwing them together! They constantly found themselves in the same study groups and friend circles. They went from classmates to acquaintances to friends and finally companions for life. The pair took a leap together — literally for a bungee jump(!) and for life when they decided to get married.

It was a joy to shoot them in their moments of great happiness and celebration. They exude an aura of comfort and understanding with each other. And their tremendous chemistry had us believing in love and forever after!

Abhiney and Ruchika were married at the stunning Fairmont Jaipur in a magnificent celebration. From the Mehendi to the Pool Party, the fun Haldis and the Pheras, the vibe of the wedding was exactly like them, relaxed and naturally chill! Here are a few of our favourite moments from their beautiful wedding.

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