A Jaipur Destination Wedding Story | Gaurav+Arushi

An NRI-Punjabi Jaipur destination wedding that had us tapping our feet

There are some weddings where we, as wedding photographers, want to abandon our cameras and join in on the fun. Gaurav and Arushi’s wedding celebrations were one of them! Since the beginning, we received so much warmth that it didn’t really feel like we were working.

It was such a pleasure to shoot Gaurav and Arushi and create memorable images for them. They had an easygoing chemistry that made it a breeze to shoot them together! They gave us the patience and time that is rare considering how busy weddings usually are.

Gaurav and Arushi got married at the regal JW Marriott in Jaipur. They made vows to love and support each other in front of their closest family and friends. Here are some of our favourite moments from the wedding.

Their wedding celebrations were exactly what you would imagine a Punjabi wedding is like! Loads of dancing, drama, and fun! People from all over the world – US, Germany, Pune, Switzerland – had flown in to celebrate. And love and laughter were in no scarcity during the celebrations. So everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, danced like there’s no tomorrow at the sangeet ceremony.

The haldi ceremony was full of glee, mischief, and merriment. Gaurav’s family splashed everything on him from the actual haldi to water, juice and even cold drinks. 

Shot by the Twogether Studios team – Nikhil Mishra, Paras Batra and Nihareekaa Kaur

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