Photos an Indian Bride Can’t Miss in Her Wedding Album


An Indian wedding is a grand and dhamakedaar occasion! Forget of the band baaja baaraat, your friends and relatives are enough to create power packed hungama and noise which can bring even the DJ floor to shame! In a good way of course! There are so many customs and celebrations which alone take a week before marriage. Amidst this adrenaline rush are moments for an Indian bride (You!) which need to be captured so that they have a return ticket to cherish them. Here are 8 types of photographs which an Indian bride can’t afford to miss having them in her wedding album.



1. Your wedding outfit

There are high chances that in your entire life you didn’t shop for a single outfit for weeks and months but for your wedding you did! You spent your weekends and even took exclusive holidays to find your dream wedding dress by hopping on from one shop to another, one place to another and explaining a dozen of times to the shopkeepers or designers what kind of dress you are looking for. This special dress definitely deserves a solo pic in your wedding album.






















 2. Your wedding accessories

Again! Choosing your wedding accessories was no less a difficult task than choosing your wedding dress.You suddenly developed an eye for detail for laying your hands on the best jewellery you could afford and adorn yourself with beautifully. Lower your expenses when you buy jewellery online via and get access to enticing discounts and cash back.




3. The nervous/excited moments

Gone are those frequent days when bride used to sit clenching her hands and little drops of sweat forming on her forehead while leaving her home to get ready and thinking about the futuristic moments. The nervousness does exist today but more than that excited brides are seen who can’t wait to begin with their new life journey!





4. The makeover

You just cannot skip capturing this beautiful moment which captures your beauty after you have got ready with the help of your makeup artist! Let your photographer take pictures from various angles seizing every detail in your outfit and in your face.




5. The unconventional picture

The elegant and subtle poses are okay and can be found in every bride’s wedding album. But how about making your wedding album stand out and unleashing your bubbly personality by going for some crazy poses? And if they are with your equally crazy loved ones, it is better!



akp-indian-bride-must-have-photos-166. Hands shot!

From using sunscreen religiously to applying tan removal packs every day, getting pedicure to spending a bomb on nail art and jewellery; you did everything you could to make your hands look like million bucks. And now it is time to bring them under lime light and flaunt them! Get them clicked from your photographer in various poses to stare at them adorably later. And by the way, you can delight yourself by buying your makeup and beauty essentials at the best bargained rates through these Jabong coupons present on




7. Stunning feet

Only you know how you braved sitting on a chair for more than 6 hours continuously and resisted from losing your cool to get the perfect mehandi design on them. And not just this! You searched extensively for that perfect anklet to go with your dress and skin tone. Get them out now and show your happy feet to your photographer to remember later how expensive they look on your special day!


8. Your show-stealing entry!

Of course, it’s your wedding and so it’s like your duty to turn heads on as soon as you step in the wedding venue. It’s totally up to you how to walk this walk of fame i.e. whether in your energetic mode or in a subtle manner.





These pictures will surely make you look back at your wedding album more than a thousand times and melt your heart every time you look at them!


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