Vinayak and Snigdha from Phototantra celebrate ten years of togetherness

A wedding photographer couple renew their vows in a small, intimate ceremony surrounded by wedding photographer friends.

Vinayak and Snigdha are well known and respected Indian Wedding Photographers, and run the popular wedding photography company known as PhotoTantra. Apart from being great photographers, we count them amongst our closest friends. They’ve been married for ten years now, and I can honestly say their marriage equals #relationshipgoals! They’re absolutely wonderful together and are clearly as much in love today (if not more) as they were when they first decided to tie the knot. Their wedding ten years ago has a great story behind it – one official wedding, one unofficial one – and lots of excitement, fun and laughter thrown in between.

When they decided to celebrate ten years of being together by renewing their vows in the picturesque Two Chimneys, Gethia – surrounded by a very tiny group of close friends, we knew it would be an experience we wouldn’t forget for a while. What made this more interesting was that almost everyone in the tiny guest list of eight people, are wedding photographers! When Vinayak and Snigdha asked us to shoot the wedding (or the vows!), we knew that this was one of those assignments that would be no work, but all play!

The entire ceremony was a homegrown affair – after all, if wedding photographers don’t know how to organise a wedding, then who does? A big shoutout to all our friends who helped make this happen!

The couple: Vinayak & Snigdha, PhotoTantra
The priest: Arjun “Baba” Mahajan, Arjun’s Tryst with the Camera (Side note: If anyone ever needs a priest for a wedding, “Baba” Mahajan is freaking awesome!)
Makeup: Mahima Bhatia, Mahima Bhatia Photography
Cinematography: Prosun Bordoloi, Prism Lens Photography
Photography: Arjun Kartha, Twogether Studios and Mahima Bhatia, Mahima Bhatia Photography
Decor and Wedding Planning: Praerna Kartha, Twogether Studios and Karan Sidhu, Karan Sidhu Photography
Wedding Guest: Ramit Mitra + all of the above!

Photographing a wedding photographer’s wedding can be a challenge in itself; but when you’re photographing a wedding photographer’s wedding surrounded by a group of uber talented wedding photographers who collectively count amongst India’s best wedding photographers is another thing altogether!

Two Chimneys, Gethia is a lovely little property that is perfect for a small intimate ceremony. Vinayak and Snigdha didn’t want to do anything over-the-top, but we would be darned if we were going to let this be anything but a full fledged wedding. The second day started with the alcohol flowing right from the start, the haldi we plastered all over them would have put a Delhi wedding to shame, the spectacular decor by Praerna and Karan, the fun and laughter into the wee hours of the morning – and the love Vinayak and Snigdha had for each other, all helped make this one wedding to remember.

Here are a few images I shot. Vinayak and Snigdha – thank you for asking me to photograph your ceremony – it was a privilege and an honour. I hope you like these images.

– Arjun.

What brings the Tantra in PhotoTantra!

Vinayak didn’t realise how cold the water would be!

Force of habit.

Dumb Charades being taken very seriously.

Or not!

Everyone had a point to make.

The haldi bravely went where no haldi has ever been before!

Mahima doing wedding photography things. Karan doing his best to hold back the laughter that’s about to erupt.

The crew is hard at work!

The bartender, hostess and overall khaana-peena in-charge

Now they know how it feels! Not easy being in front of the camera folks!

They still manage to look adorable though.

Vinayak showing us that he’s been to hundreds of baarats. This is the one to remember!

And so has Karan!

Wow, dancing in a baarat is fun!

A photo of the Tantras.

Proof that I was at the wedding too!


  • Fellow wedding photography peeps make great friends!
  • Amongst us all, I think we knew everything there is to know about planning a wedding.
  • Praerna and Karan are GREAT at organising.
  • Shoutout to Manju from Two Chimneys. She did an awesome job and accommodated all our bizarre requests.
  • Vinayak and Snigdha, I can’t wait for your next 10th year anniversary!

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