Indian Wedding Films have evolved from long, traditional and blow-by-blow accounts of the wedding to highly customised and thematic feature films of your wedding the way it deserves to be remembered. Our films perfectly complement our wedding photography and together will create a visual masterpiece that tells the story of your wedding, one frame at a time. Some of our favourite films from over the years are highlighted below. Go ahead, grab some popcorn (and maybe a tissue) and relive some of our favourite wedding movie moments from the years gone by!


When you meet the right person, nothing else matters. Rahul never believed in checklists, but he did believe in destiny and fate. And meeting Sanya was his fate, he believes. From the very first meet, he knew she was the one for him. What followed was a beautiful celebration of their union with their closest family and friends. Watch Rahul and Sanya vow to love each other for the rest of their lives.

~ My Only Love ~ Rahul + Sanya from Twogether Studios on Vimeo.


Sandeep and Shivangi met by chance at the dance practice of a mutual friend’s wedding. From there on, there was no looking back. They soon decided that no matter what hurdles came their way, they will walk together for life holding each other’s hand. Watch the lovely duo get married in a beautiful day ceremony at the Radisson Blu in Mahabalipuram

Something Beautiful ~ Shivangi + Sandeep from Twogether Studios on Vimeo.


There are times when you need no words to describe how you feel about the one person you love the most in the world. You just know. Kurt had chosen Isha as her life-partner long before marriage was even on the cards. Their love brought two amazing families together in the beautiful mountains of Mussoorie for a fun-filled wedding. Watch Isha and Kurt become one team at the lovely Jaypee Residency Manor.

ISHK – Isha + Kurt from Twogether Studios on Vimeo


Love at first sight doesn’t always happen. A lot of times, it takes years for two people to realise that they share something more than just friendship. And sometimes, that very friendship becomes the foundation for a bond so strong that you can’t help but want to spend every waking moment with that person. Watch the story of how Ajay met Nandini in Las Vegas – not realising that they had met the person they would end up being married to!

Knot Just Friends ~ Ajay + Nandini from Twogether Studios on Vimeo.


Can one meeting with a stranger change the course of the rest of your life? If you find that one person you had been waiting for all your life, then yes! Piyush and Apurva found that sweet melody of love with each other. Watch them make promises to love each other forever in a beautiful destination wedding in City Palace, Jaipur.

A Melody Called Love – Apurva + Piyush from Twogether Studios on Vimeo.


They say that love can’t be planned; however there are times in this universe where you suddenly discover sparks flying when you least expect it. Watch how Vijay and Chandni found their Karmic Konnection during their lovely two day destination wedding in New Delhi, India.

KarmicKonnection – The Trailer from Twogether Studios on Vimeo.


Can a Bombay guy ever fall in love with a Delhi girl? The answer is YES! Karishma and Aditya proves that true love transcends traditional cliches – watch how two families come together for the biggest, fattest Delhi wedding of the year! Indian Wedding Films don’t get more Bollywood than this!


Witness Priyanka & Chirag’s big Indian Wedding at the Oberoi Sukhvilas, Chandigarh – the first wedding to ever happen at this fantastic destination! Watch as friendship turns into everlasting love…in the beginning of Priyanka and Chirag’s timeless love story. We are proud to be the first Indian Cinematography company to create a wedding movie in this lovely property!


Love can happen at any time – here’s the story of how Nakul met Ashna, and how love just blossomed! What followed were five days of two families coming together for the mother of all Delhi weddings! One of our favourite Indian wedding videos, presenting Nakul and Ashna in Young Love.


The journey from friendship to love is a beautiful and exciting one. For Ramola, a lonely birthday made special by Santosh was when their story began to change. The friendship they shared turned into something more.
Watch Ramola and Santosh celebrate a lifetime of happiness during their beautiful destination at Zuri White Sands Hotel and Casino, Goa.


Aayushi had been dreaming about her wedding ever since she was a little girl. She knew just how her wedding would be; but she just hadn’t met the right person. And then… she met Vikrant, and she knew she had found the one. Witness this three day epic grand wedding which proves that when it comes to the party – nobody does it better than Delhi! #WeddingFilms #Weddingcinematography


When Jay meet Anusha for the first time – they just knew where this journey would lead them. Watch this incredible journey culminate in a two day fun-filled party as their families came together to celebrate their love as they became man and wife. Set in the incredibly beautiful Jagmandir Palace and City Palace in Udaipur, this wedding film is a visual treat with a riot of colours, star performances and a guest list that just didn’t stop partying! #destinationweddingfilms


When the road is long, and the journey tiring…all you need is your best friend. Watch Kanchan and Piyush’s wedding video – and watch how fate brought two friends together and made them fall in love! Their epic wedding video is set in Gurgaon, India and recounts the end of one journey…and the start of another!


When Rohan met Priyanka – they knew they checked off all the boxes in their heads when it came to what they were looking for in the perfect mate. Watch how two families came together for a firecracker of a wedding – they loved, they laughed and they made merry, and a new chapter in their story began. This is one of our favourite Delhi Wedding Videos from the year!


There are times when the universe conspires to bring a whole lot of little things together that leads to something wonderful. It’s always the small moments of love…that lead to the Grand Love Story! Watch the story of how Sarika and Avin met, the various elements that came together to form their grand love story.


If marriages are made in heaven, why are they arranged on earth? Watch this heartwarming story of how Abhinav met Arti, and “dil mein baji guitar!”. Long distances and being on separate continents couldn’t keep this adorable couple apart – and finally, during two days of crazy fun, dancing and happiness – two families came together and magic happened. This is their story.


When Akhil met Astha – things just clicked, and everything just felt “right”. This epic Kolkotta wedding had all the hallmarks of a great celebration – lots of good food, lots of love and last but not the least, an epic party on a barge!

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