Contemporary Wedding Stories for the Modern Couple

Led by Arjun and Praerna Kartha, we are a highly experienced family-run photography studio that loves working with other families! We are obsessed with creating fun, off-beat and contemporary wedding stories. Widely regarded as amongst the top 5 photography companies in India, we pioneered candid wedding photography in India from the first wedding that we shot in 2008! Over the last 10 years, we have shot hundreds of love stories all over the world. We believe in an exceedingly high quality benchmark, and like to believe that we are the gold-standard in wedding storytelling in the country. We are based in New Delhi, India but travel extensively all over the world creating stories of love. 

Re-imagining Wedding Stories

In 2008 we shot our first wedding, and found ourself amongst the pioneers who established what “candid” wedding photography would be in the years to come. 

Hi. We are Arjun and Praerna Kartha, and we started Twogether Studios in 2008. During this time, wedding photography was supposed to be “traditionally” executed – which means that photographs were posed, frozen and cliched. It’s great that we didn’t know that, because when we shot our first wedding, nobody told us we were supposed to say cheese! 

What happened after that is that we were amongst the first photographers to pioneer this new genre of “candid” wedding photography – something that doesn’t need to be explained today. In the last 12 years we’ve been a part of hundreds of weddings, evolved and grown, but we’ve stuck to that core philosophy of making wedding photography fun, realistic and documentary. 


About Arjun & Praerna Kartha

With over 15 years of experience as a photographer, Arjun is an engineer, an ex advertising agency ad-man, teacher/motivator/boss and photographer rolled into one. Arjun loves teaching photography as much as he does taking photos, and over the course of his career has helped hundreds of young photographers find their feet in the field via workshops, online courses and masterclasses. 

A ex-advertising agency media planner, an avid food writer and explorer and film director; Praerna has many talents to call upon. She’s the two in two-gether, and is the office mother hen. She’s the ying to our yang, and is known for a direct, no-nonsense honesty in the work that she does. She loves wedding storytelling, almost as much as she loves wedding food! 

The Team

Nikhil Mishra

Lead Photographer

An erstwhile Mechanical Engineer, Nikhil is the rock on which the entire photography team relies. Calm, steady and "in-no-great-hurry", he loves documentary photography, book-making and creating stories.

Anmol Sharma

Lead Cinematographer

Also an engineer, Anmol is the creative sauce in the studio. A major movie buff, Anmol is always ready for a debate on whether a movie deserves an Oscar, and on a shoot, his friendly nature always puts a bride at ease.

Sanchita Kumar

Brand Manager

Our own fashionista, shoot stylist and marketing manager, Sanchita is the first person you'll probably talk to if you call us! After a degree from Pearl, Sanchita loves planning bridal looks for a pre-wedding shoot.

Nihareekaa Kaur

Photographer + Writer

With a degree in journalism and with a very unique spelling of her name (which she claims is for luck), NK as we call her wears two hats and can be found blogging with one hand and taking pictures with the other!

Rohit Kason


A graduate of the prestigious Symbiosis School of Photography, Rohit is also in charge of our equipment, so if anything gets lost, it's his neck on the line!

Mayank Mishra


One of the three Mishras in our office, Mayank is a good natured and hard working core member of our video team. Tall and lanky, he's usually the one we gets stuck with the heaviest stuff 🙂

Ronak Varma


A army kid and a graduate of the famous Sri Aurobindo School of Photography, Ronak is good natured, well mannered and a bundle of energy during a shoot and can be counted on for anything!

Ankur Dutta


Known as our in-house activist, Ankur loves social causes, documentary photography and storytelling. Passionate and thoughtful, Ankur uses these skills for documenting weddings with ease.

Mohammad Shams


A documentary cinematographer and editor, Shams is known for his passion for his mnotorcycle, bird watching, long drives and aspires to be a film maker some day!

Sunil Gautam


Hughly dependable and resourceful, Sunil (or Babblu as he's known) excels at Punjabi weddings because he truly believes that Punjabis are the pinnacle of human evolution!

Ashok Mishra

Production Assistant

With the distinction of being one of the oldest team members at Twogether Studios, our third Mishra is in charge of all production during shoots and is usually Arjun's preferred light assistant.


Admin Assistant

If you ever visit our office, you'll perchance meet this ever smiling happy individual who makes great coffee!


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Wedding Film-maker of the Year 2020 Nominee, WeddingSutra

Wedding Photographer of the Year Award (2011), Kodak + Better Photography

Top 10 Influential People in Photography (2019), Asian Photography Magazine

Top 100 Photography Blogs (2019 & 2020), Feedspot

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Brand Associations

Fujifilm India X Brand Ambassador, 2018 Onwards

Nikon Brand Ambassador, 2016-2017

Godox India National Brand Ambassador, 2019 Onwards

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