Over the last 12 years, we’ve been a part of hundreds of love stories. Here is a short selection of love from a few of our couples!

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Wedmegood (4.9/5)
Google (4.9/5)

They were amazing! They were great to work with. Every member of their crew was willing to go above and beyond their job. They were everywhere at every function and were able to capture the essence of the entire wedding and the emotions of every family member beautifully

Trisha + Rahul

Bangkok Destination Wedding, 2019

“You guys are amazing, leave apart the pictures, the film, the trailer and whatever, for me what stood out is the comfort I shared with your team. For you to make me forget that there is camera filming me. To make us comfortable, to not make us conscious, to politely dealing with uncles getting in your way or snapping at you during rituals. The whole experience of capturing one of biggest moment in life, that for me, is Twogether!

And of course, you click nice pictures and make amazing movies :p”

Shreya + Dakshit

Jaipur, 2020

“Thank you to Anmol, Arjun and the entire Together studios team for creating beautiful memories for us! Our wedding video is a beautiful piece of art, but what truly left us astounded is how the team captured our personalities and our likes and incorporated them into the video. They chose some of our all-time favorite songs- and we promise we never them! Arjun has a pet peeve of asking the couple how they are feeling- several times during the wedding festivities. And given how he and the team represented ‘us’ in our video- I am sure that they were listening :)”

Gurmeen + Shalin

Delhi, 2018

For obvious reasons, the search for a wedding photographer was the toughest one and the most important one. Super glad we came across Twogether Studios and decided to Meet Arjun, who is an extremely talented photographer. Post our meeting with him, we were almost sure that we wanted to hire them. The only one thing holding us back was how much they were charging. It was way above the budget we had set internally. Our was a destination wedding in Bikaner and everything was just adding to the cost. However, we loved everything about Twogether Studios and so went ahead with the decision of getting them onboard. We are so happy we did! 🙂 I don’t regret it at all. We did a pre wedding shoot in Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner (where the wedding was to happen) with Arjun. We did love the pictures that came out. It wasn’t just plain mundane photographs but also a lot of creativity in those photos. Since it was the first time we were shooting, Arjun tried and made us as comfortable as possible. Then came the wedding. A team of 9-10 people travelled and they were all very warm and adjusting. We had a crazy dancing wedding (which means a lotttttttttttttttttt of content :P). Post the wedding, the team shared some of the wedding highlights and we were thrilled to see the pictures 🙂 Cheers to Arjun and his entire team including Anshita, Parth, Niharika and everyone else! 🙂 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!!!!!

Nupur + Akshay

Bikaner Destination Wedding, 2019

“One of the best decisions we made (and full credit to my wife), was to personally search for the best Wedding Photographers. Lucky for us, we met Arjun and Praerna and barely 10 minutes into the meeting, our search ended. From not being convinced about the idea of a Pre-wed shoot, to getting clicked on the streets of Chandani Chowk, Arjun and Praerna helped us shed all inhibitions. Also, its always fun to smile/pose for people you are comfortable with. That’s exactly how the Twogether team made us feel. Thanks guys!”

Piyush + Apurva

Delhi, 2019

To all the couples out there:
If you’re having a hard time choosing a photographer for your wedding, I’d say Twogether Studios is a full package of all your (photographer) needs!

Sanya + Aman

Delhi, 2019

“We had a blast them. One thing that I absolutely love is that at no point was it becoming very like,” Pose, pose, pose!” It was always very very conversational. Everyone in the team is super nice. So that’s the thing I enjoyed the most with Arjun and Praerna – just the way it was so candid. There were a lot of pictures that when I saw, I was like I had no idea when they were clicked. So definitely really loved that aspect. I personally loved our wedding trailer and video. They got the gist of whatever I wanted to hear from whatever person. I think they (Twogether Studios) really invest in the time in understanding how everyone is. When you know someone you can anticipate certain moments, and they did a very good job at that.”

Ajay + Nandini

Delhi, 2018

Wedding photography pre-wedding couple shoot Mussorie

“Twogether carries a unique perspective and try novel things, and not simply repeat typical criteria of shoot or shot with every customer. Moreover, they treated us more like a family and didn’t resist from helping any of the family members in need. They totally made our decision worth it. Overall, Twogether Studios would make your wedding’s memorable moments more beautiful than experienced. ❤”

Isha + Kurt

Mussoorie Destination Wedding, 2018

“Oh my god! If I could give Arjun & Praerna 10 stars, I would. They are beyond amazing, and that’s before I go on about their actual photos/work. Arjun & Praerna are so friendly, heaps of fun to deal with, and make you feel so relaxed when everything else is quite stressful. They had us in stitches with their stories and ninja-like moves. So I knew Arjun since his agency days wherein he just toyed with the camera, and then I suddenly see him become Kodak’s wedding photographer of the year. 7 years back I had decided Arjun would be my wedding photographer and I am glad I booked him in time. They took so much stress out of the day and went above and beyond the ‘standard photographer requirements’, helping us plan timings and giving tips on how we could help to get the best shots. When the day came they did not disappoint. They made everybody feel so at ease. Arjun & Praerna have a true passion for their work and this reflects in their genuine desire to give you the most amazing and unique memories that they can. If you are lucky enough to have Arjun and Praerna as your photographers you will never look at another one the same, always thinking, “They would have climbed a tree or walked into the water to get a more amazing shot than that”. (in fact, they did at the mehendi pool party, Arjun was literally swimming with us with his lens glued onto us). We cannot speak highly enough of Arjun & Praerna and would recommend them in an instant over anybody else. And this is all before we even see our photos, that’s the confidence they give us. A special thank you to your entire team.”

Ramola + Santosh

Goa Destination Wedding, 2017

“We chose you as one of my very good friends wanted to have you for her wedding and really recommended you very highly. Then we checked your profile and really liked it. Your work is extremely professional and at the same time you blended in so well with the family that it didn’t seem like we had hired such good artists. And the work was phenomenal, from the photography to the choice of location for the pre-wedding shoot. We thank you for the amazing pictures and hope to have you for all future weddings in our family!”

Ayushi + Vikrant

New Delhi, 2016

“It was quite an overwhelming task choosing a photographer as you don’t want to get it wrong. So my friend and I did a lot of research and found Arjun Kartha. We fell in love with his photography. We then made him our first choice and met them soon after. We just loved him and Praerna, so warm and friendly. I loved how they started doing wedding photography and how passionate they were about their work. They capture a lot of candid spontaneous moments and that is exactly what we wanted. So we decided to go ahead and make fun memories with them as part of our celebration. During the 3-4 days of the wedding, they were so professional and made us feel so comfortable and at ease. They were assertive enough to seek out great moments, cajoling enough to coax relaxed smiles and natural stances from guests, and calm enough to be a positive force. Their entire team was really friendly and warm. We would love to work with them again in future. Thank you soo much for capturing the love and fun so beautifully. Big hug!”

Priyanka + Chirag

Chandigarh, 2015

Arjun and Praerna were MY photographers and I invariably ended up spending most of my time with this young, energetic husband-wife duo!!! It’s only around my Save-The -Date I realized just HOW difficult photography is. I was amazed at the passion and sincerity with which these guys did their job. Its definitely not as glamorous as it looks. Even during the wedding, Arjun and Praerna were such a breeze to be around. Apart from good photography, I think one must look for accommodating and friendly photographers. I was instantly drawn to how nice they were, and fun to be around. The last thing you want when you’re a bunch of twisted nerves is pricey photographers throwing a fit! 

Priya + Mayank

Jaipur Destination Wedding, 2013

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