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5 Wedding Trailers That We Love

Weddings are such wonderful affairs. There’s so much love, emotions, family, colour – everything that we love under one roof.  Now we know that we talk about photography a lot, but the videos are just as important in a wedding. While photos capture moments in time, video preserves those moments. They help you see so many more moment at a wedding that you were not a part of.  So this time around, we thought to take a look at some of the wedding trailers we’ve created in the past year and why we love them. These wedding trailers open a window to what the wedding was like, what the feel of that specific celebration was.

#1 IshK

Isha and Kurt’s winter wedding in the mountains of Mussoorie was a beautiful mix of two cultures and families. Their wedding celebrations in the Jaypee Residency Manor were one of the most fun we’ve shot last year. Their love brought two Indian and Australian families together in a three-day music-and-dance gala. We love the playful moments between Isha’s sister and Kurt during his haldi. Isha was a total ‘bridechilla’ who knew how to have fun! What was extremely special about the wedding ceremony was that Kurt made vows to her in Hindi during the wedding rituals, that made everyone (even us!) teary-eyed.

ISHK – Isha + Kurt from Twogether Studios on Vimeo.

#2 A Love Like This | Shalin+Gurmeen

What we love about this wedding and this trailer is how real everything is! Their wedding brought two Gujarati and Punjabi families together in an eclectic mix of two cultures. Shalin’s letter being read by Gurmeen right before she leaves for her wedding ceremony is so powerful and emotional. This wedding was not just a joy to shoot but an equal delight to edit and create a trailer of.

A Love Like This | Shalin+Gurmeen from Twogether Studios on Vimeo.

#3 My Best Friend’s Wedding | Nitya+Rahul

Nitya and Rahul’s wedding was a multicultural Delhi wedding between not just two individuals but two families. This wedding trailer is all emotion – from the cheering from Nitya’s mother during her bridal entry to her sister’s heartfelt and emotional speech on their reception to Rahul’s excitement at spending the rest of his life with his beloved.

My Best Friend’s Wedding | Nitya+Rahul from Twogether Studios on Vimeo.

#4 Him & I | Sanya+Aman

This was a very special project for us and sharing it with our audience was most-awaited! We followed these two crazy lovers around Phuket as they roamed on the streets of Phuket Old Town, danced in Illuzion, took a ride in the famous Tuk-Tuk’s, hugged a tiger and saw the beautiful sunset in Patong beach. What was interesting was that the majority of the shoot was not precisely planned or strictly scripted, as is the case with pre-wedding shoot sometimes. We just let the two be, and what we got was a couple with some sizzling chemistry taking the streets of Phuket by storm!

Him & I | Sanya & Aman from Twogether Studios on Vimeo.

#5 Forever Starts Today | Harsh+Sanjana

The one word that would describe this wedding is “grand”. Spread across Chunda Palace, Oberoi Udai Vilas, and Jagmandir, the three-days in Udaipur were a grand celebration of Harsh and Sanjana’s love. From the imposing dholwaalas at the baraat to the gorgeous varmala exchange in Jagmandir, we loved being a part of this royal Udaipur wedding.

Forever Starts Today | Harsh+Sanjana from Twogether Studios on Vimeo.

Let us know which one of our trailers are your favourite. And why? We’d love to know!


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