A Delhi Wedding Story | Ajay+Nandini

A Delhi wedding story of a couple that warmed our hearts


Love at first sight doesn’t always happen. A lot of times, it takes years for two people to realise that they share something more than just friendship. And sometimes, that very friendship becomes the foundation for a bond so strong that you can’t help but want to spend every waking moment with that person.

Ajay and Nandini met at a party in Las Vegas. Neither of them knew then, that they had met the person they would end up being married to. They were friends for the longest time until one special Thanksgiving trip to San Francisco that changed it all for Ajay. Let’s just say that it took a little more time for Nandini to realise that she loved him too! Once that happened, there was no looking back.

They spent the next few years loving each other, fighting, eating, travelling and enjoying their lives together to the fullest. Individually, they are lovely, but together they make a fantastic couple that everyone adores! And it is only when you see them together in action that you know how great their chemistry is.

Ajay proposed to Nandini on a beautiful sunny day in New York, in the presence of their closest friends. The rest, as they say, is history.

They had a gorgeous wedding ceremony at the Chhabra Farms in Delhi followed by a grand reception in the regal Taj Krishna in Hyderabad. Here are a few of our favourite moments captured from their wedding.

Watch the story of how two best friends fell in love.

Wedding Makers

Designers for Nandini: Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Anushree Reddy
Designers for Ajay: Rohit Bal and Shantanu & Nikhil
Decor: Abhinav Bhagat
Venue: Balsons Farm, Satvik by Chhabra Farms, Pride Plaza and Taj Krishna (Hyderabad)
Make-up: Priyanka Arora

Here’s what Nandini had to say about her experience with us!

“We had a blast with Twogether Studios. One thing that I absolutely love is that at no point was it becoming very like,” Pose, pose, pose!” It was always very very conversational. Everyone in the team is super nice. So that’s the thing I enjoyed the most with Arjun and Praerna – just the way it was so candid. There were a lot of pictures that when I saw, I was like I had no idea when they were clicked. So definitely really loved that aspect. I personally loved our wedding trailer and video. They got the gist of whatever I wanted to hear from whatever person. I think they (Twogether Studios) really invest in the time in understanding how everyone is. When you know someone you can anticipate certain moments, and they did a very good job at that.”

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