Pre-Wedding in Neemrana Kesroli | Alisha+Naman

Alisha and Naman are a firecracker of a couple. Always ready for adventure and more! So when they told us they wanted a pre-wedding that was everything – dreamy, fun and fairytale-ish – we were excited! With a couple like them, we knew we had the opportunity to have a lot of fun while making images we love.

We decided to do it in the Neemrana Kesroli Fort. It’s a small but extremely charming fort and it was the perfect place to give our couple their dream.

Having already shot their Proposal and Engagement ceremony before, meeting them was like seeing old friends. We started their first session early in the morning at 6. Well, 4 am for Alisha because she had to get up even earlier to get ready! There are fields all around the fort, so we decided it might be fun to go down and shoot in one of them with the morning sun. It’s a bit of a walk from the fort, so we’re sure the people who lived around were wondering what a group of people with cameras and a dressed-up couple were doing in the fields so early in the morning!

We’re so glad we decided to do a sunrise session because the light was gorgeous and everything was perfect in the morning glow. Our couple trusted us completely, even when our directions made them jump up and down the uneven fields. And we’re so happy they did; because look at these images!

Look at this gorgeous sunrise glow!

By the time we ended our first session, the sun was high and up, and all of us were ready to eat a horse. After a short break, we decided to explore the fort a little bit. The best thing was that not once did we have to worry about giving our couple directions or posing them. Their chemistry and their comfort with each other were evident. Just a little encouragement from our side and they were ready to go for hours!

While our couple changed for the third and final session of the day, we decided to make the most of the coming golden hour. During this hour, everything the light touches becomes gold. So we chased the light around the fort and found this little rooftop pavilion that had the view of the surrounding village and some unbelievable light falling in.

When the bride wants a twirl, you give her one!
Enveloped in love.

This was one of the last photos we took for the pre-wedding session and we decided to make it super interesting and special. We decided to use our handy ice light and experiment with it. And the result turned out to be exactly as we wanted. Doesn’t this image look straight out of a sci-fi romance movie?

We shot their wedding a month or so after this pre-wedding session and cannot wait to share more of this couple’s story with you all. So stay tuned!

Wedding Makers

Bride: Alisha Malhotra
Groom: Naman Narang
MUA: Fictive Makeovers
Alisha’s outfits: Mouktika Style
Wedding Planner: Plush Weddings
Venue: Neemrana Kesroli Hill Fort
Photographers: Arjun Kartha and Nihareekaa Kaur.
Photography: Twogether Studios

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