Bangalore Wedding Photography Story: Bharati + Rishi, Sheraton Bangalore @ Brigade Gateway

A Bangalore Wedding Photography Story

Bharati & Rishi were wed in Bangalore last month at a wonderfully elaborate wedding at the Sheraton in Bangalore. Since the families were Marwari, the rituals and ceremonies were slightly higher in number and a little more elaborate than usual — a lot of it was back-toback and simultaneous, but there wasn’t a single dull moment. We’ll give them that!

They met while they were both working in Bombay, away from their respective homes in Kolkata and Bangalore. Even though they met because it was “suggested” by members of their respective families, they hit it off instantly and became a unit – lovingly called Baa-Rish!

Bharati’s family and friends flew in from Kolkata and pretty much took over the hotel for the weekend! The celebrations began with a welcome lunch, during which we snuck away to get a few photos of the couple.








The evening function was the Ring Ceremony where, in addition to the ring exchange, there was a short entertainment programme directed by Bharati herself. The theme of the evening was a monsoon one, keeping Baa-Rish in mind. So there were umbrellas for props, a video presentation of how they met and, of course, the choreographed dances.

Here’s Bharati, very excited about her Sabyasachi lehenga for the evening…




And twirling it around to show off for the camera 🙂



The ring exchange…




For fun, we decided to juxtapose some of the choreographed dance pictures with the practice sessions pictures from earlier that day 🙂







At this point, we should probably introduce “Ma”




This commendable lady is “Ma” to everybody and is the driving force of Bharati’s family. She is Bharati’s maternal grandmother but, in reality, is much more than that. Bharati was raised by Ma and wouldn’t dream of doing anything without her support and approval – in fact Ma (almost) single-handedly organised the wedding, in a town that is is not even her hometown. Ma is equally loved and feared by all in the family and even the organisers, planners and the traditional photographers (from Kolkata) knew whom to ask for direction and permission!

But enough with the serious stuff. Let’s move on with the crazy (un-choreographed) dance, which formed the rest of the evening.




A long night of partying meant struggling to keep one’s eyes open for Haldi in the morning!




But Bharati was ever ready to strike a pose!




Her 3 Maamajis doted on her and one of them had a fantastic sense of humour, even getting her to laugh at the most unexpected of times.







Simultaneously, in another hall, this is what Rishi was up to!




So we thought it would be fun to do this!




Bharati ran off for a quick shower and a change of saree in record time, for the next installment of ceremonies.







Like most weddings, things were running behind schedule and while this ceremony was going on, the make up artist had already arrived. Bharati rushed off as soon as she was free to get dressed. I doubt she had even a minute to grab some lunch! But those are the travails of being an Indian bride…







Bharati did not have an easy time with bangles on either of the 2 days! It took a lot of soap lather and lotion to get these pretty babies on her wrists!




But she was back to being her happy self once this struggle was done and dusted. And happy to strike a pose for us.










We left her with her friends while we rushed off to catch a piece of the Baraat action.










Enter the bride…




The ceremony begins. The Kanyadaan was performed by all 3 of Bharati’s Maamajis










Maamaji lightening the moment!




The legendary “joote do, paise lo” scenario…




Ma and Bharati had a moment before the actual Vidaai



After which Baa-Rish rode of into the sunset… Oops, we mean moonlight!






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