Madurai Wedding Photography Story: Thiru + Radhika

Radhika and Thiru were married a few months ago in Madurai (and this post is long overdue). When Radhika first got in touch, she mentioned that they had first met at the famous Meenakshi temple in Madurai. So we decided that we just HAD to shoot at the temple — combining their first meet story and bringing in a beautiful setting for the couple shoot.

Sadly, when we reached the temple, we were informed that absolutely NO cameras — including mobile phones — are allowed in the temple compound. We can’t even begin to express how disappointed we were — we were at one of the most beautiful temples of the region and people came from far and wide to pay homage. We had a lovely couple with us, who met at this temple for the first time and it was very special to them.

So we did what we do. Made the best of the situation and shot right outside the temple! And the results were not bad at all, if we do say so ourselves!










We couldn’t resist this one from the couple shoot — as soon as we saw the red fire engine and Thiru’s red shirt, the photograph was just begging to be taken! Life has so much more colour when you’re in love, doesn’t it?



Looking at these guys, would you believe us if we told you that they met through TamilMatrimony? When Radhika told us they met at the temple, she forgot to mention that it was an arranged meeting! And we had absolutely no way of knowing/ guessing when we met them and saw how deeply in love they were…

The following day was the engagement ceremony, at the same hall where the wedding was to be held the next day. So we began with some “staged” photos (pun intended)…



Thiru’s friends welcoming Radhika into the fold…



The customary Will-You-Marry-Me on a microphone, no less, for everyone to hear and cheer on…



And then there was dancing — did we mention that Radhika flew down from London for the wedding? Along with her posse of girlfriends?







Oh! And we weren’t the only ones with SLRs!



They did make a pretty picture though, right?

The wedding on the following day was in the morning, and the bride started to get ready pretty early! Fortunately, we could get a few of these shots before everything became a mad rush for the hall…





She’s so excited to get to the venue and get married already!



Some more portraits and family shots while we waited for Thiru to arrive!









Once Radhika could make her way to the stage, all the garlands in the world couldn’t weigh down her happiness!



Then there was the ceremony…









The pretty ladies capturing some of their favourite moments…



The loooong line of people waiting to congratulate the newly married couple…



After which, they finally managed to get away for a few “Just Married” portraits before we finished for the day and they were rushed off to Thiru’s hometown for more ceremonies and introductions to the extended family!




Aren’t they a gorgeous couple? They (almost) made us want to go through our own wedding madness all over again!

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